Payment Standards

Gross Rent = Rent Plus Utilities    Effective 10-1-17

0 Bedroom: $ 555.00
1 Bedroom: $ 595.00
2 Bedroom: $ 769.00
3 Bedroom: $ 968.00
4 Bedroom: $1,047.00

Facts About Rent Calculation

  • The family will not pay less than the TTP (30% of the tenant’s monthly income) toward rent and utilities.
  • The PHA will not pay more subsidy than the payment standard minus the TTP (30% of the tenant’s monthly income).
  1. Subsidy = All that Section 8 can pay for any chosen by a tenant.
  2. TTP = Total Tenant Payment (30% of tenants monthly income).
  3. Total Subsidy = The Section 8 office will take the lower of the Payment Standard or the gross rent and subtract the Tenants 30% of their adjusted income.
  4. Gross Rent = Rent plus utility allowance.

In other words, the total subsidy is the lesser of the payment standard or the gross rent, minus TTP.

If the Family includes a disabled person, the family may request an exception subsidy for a reasonable accommodation.

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