Resident Advisory Board

The Resident Advisory Board is elected by the residents of the Housing Authority.  Our current resident advisory board is made up of the following members.  Each board member is elected to a 6-year membership and a rotating 2-year office term.  This Resident Advisory Board addresses concerns of the resident population living in AMP 1 and AMP 2 properties. AMP 1 is allowed 9 representatives, AMP 2 is allowed 7 representatives. Section 8 is allowed 3 representatives to sit on this board.  This board reports to the executive director and Board of Commissioners with any suggestions for improvements and/or concerns.

AMP 1 Representatives -Dorothy Murch, Robert Denton-Vice Chairperson, Marvin Petrie-Treasurer, Susan Loveless

AMP 2 Representatives – Michelle Phipps-Chairperson, Albert Jackson, Mary Mooney Jackson-Secretary, Gwendolyn Johnson, Nancy Revelle, Cabrina Hughes

NSP-Melissa Smith

Section 8 Representative – None at present time

RAB Board 001-10-13

In the event you would wish to contact a representative of this board, please do so by contacting the Housing Authority main office number at 270 827-1294.






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